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Convening Green Manufacturing Leaders on Innovation in Sustainable Textiles

 A CXO-level innovation sharing session was held in New Delhi in May 2014. The two major investment conversations were anchored around working towards zero liquid discharge of hazardous chemicals and facilitating the roll-out of rooftop solar in textile industrial spaces.

These conversations emerged at 'Convening Green Manufacturing Leaders' - an invite only, industry specific CXO sharing session designed to align together technology solution providers and operational heads around sustainability market risks, trends and solution implementation.

Within the NCR region, the key driver of sustainable resource management is the acclerated population growth which is set to continue into the future. This has made water assets increasing inaccessible and has driven the cost of industrial energy, promoting new approaches to resource management (click to enlarge graphs):


The full  Innovation Primer used to support the sharing session can be downloaded below:


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Author: Sustainability Outlook
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