Different Strokes: The sustainability journey of knowledge management professional

Different Strokes

In this next piece in our series “Different Strokes”, we are presenting a snapshot of the career journey of a sustainability knowledge management professional Mr. Jai Kumar Gaurav, working at an international development organisation.

Knowledge Management Professional

Jai Kumar Gaurav
Knowledge Management Professional at an international development organisation

What motivates me: I was interested in environment as a sector before college as well but it was while pursuing M.Sc. environmental studies I ended up opting to be a professional in the sector. The journey so far has been good in terms of learning but as the field is very dynamic, there is a need to remain updated on the recent developments and develop new skills.

Journey so far: I have a B.Sc. in Environment Science from Ramjas College, Delhi University and a M.Sc. in Environmental Studies from Teri University. I was more interested in the field work and application of technologies or science so I chose to take up a job in an environment consulting and project development firm instead of opting for a PhD. Being a consultant provided opportunity to work on different issues and projects that I found very exciting. I started working as an associate mainly drafting Project Design Documents (PDDs) for CDM projects but with time I could work on new methodologies, approaches and project ideas or proposals within the climate change sector. I changed my job in 2010 to take up a role as a knowledge management professional in the climate change sector.    

Current Role and Responsibilities: Presently I work on knowledge management in climate change sector for a platform that captures tacit knowledge and presents it in a format that is useable by other professionals in the sector.

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