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Beyond Compliance: Resource Sustainability in Indian Businesses - Today and Tomorrow

Globally resource sustainability is increasingly gaining prominence as a cornerstone of boardroom conversations. Businesses have realized that sustainability is a business imperative- for ensuring long term sustenance of their operations. Hence, the key objectives of the report is to present a state of resource sustainability for Indian corporates:   

a) To analyze current state of resource sustainability practices in Indian businesses

b) To map next generation innovations for resource challenges being faced by the Indian industry


This report would provide:

  • Insights to determine current drivers, kind of interventions, and observed benefits of resource sustainability interventions undertaken
  • Insights to determine the top ten resource sustainability challenges for which the Indian industry is seeking better, more affordable and smarter solutions
  • Identification of the opportunity zone for next generation technology innovators, understanding current market uptake and the challenges faced by them

This report has been developed by:

  • Detailed survey and interviews with 85 leading Indian corporates who have implemented sustainability measures
  • In depth interviews with 50+ senior business leaders, subject matter experts, and catalysts
  • Detailed survey and in depth interviews with 80 innovative sustainability ventures

Audience of the Report

  • Indian businesses to help them understand the current state of resource sustainability initiatives in business operations and to identify potential areas of interventions for rollout
  • Investors to discover the investment opportunity zones where technological innovations for resource sustainability are expected/emerging in the Indian industry
  • Service/Technology providers to identify opportunity zones where industry is seeking smarter solutions for resource management and enable them to customize their solutions as per industry requirements 

A snapshot of the report was released at the 4th Annual CXO  Summit of the Sustainable Business Leadership Forum. The snapshot can be downloaded here.

The full report will be released in November 2014- to pre-order a copy or for more details, write to SO Market Access & Insights Team at

 Presented as part of the The 4th Annual CXO  Summit of the Sustainable Business Leadership Forum.


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