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Envisioning India's Transition Towards Distributed Energy Systems

This study has been undertaken to inform the direction and priorities of the India Energy Transformations Platform (IETP), an independent, multi-stakeholder group that meets periodically to discuss non-linear, radical and transformative opportunities for deeply decarbonizing India’s energy sector by 2050.

The study evaluated various scenarios, barriers for adoption, opportunities and policy frameworks for intensifying penetration of these systems.

  • Pursuant to a comprehensive review of the current and emerging technologies on the landscape and application of key criteria influencing     uptake of technologies in the Indian context, thirteen (13) technologies which can have a significant impact in the future were identified.   These were further refined to align to specific deployment scenarios wherein the impact can be maximized.
  • The assessment of suitability and timelines in the Indian context was undertaken both from the perspective of commercial and technical readiness of technologies
  • A comprehensive net-benefits mapping for each of the shortlisted technology was undertaken to frame the economic and social rationale for the uptake.
  • Recommendations include a snapshot of key transformative policies needed to enable rapid uptake.

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