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Transforming Food Processing and Agri Business in India: A Role for Private Equity Investment

 Private investment in food processing and agri-business is growing rapidly. Some of this investment activity is attributed to greater participation by private equity/VC investors; while in other cases, there is significant strategic interest by domestic and foreign food & agribusiness companies to invest in India. The strategic investors are looking for entry points into new markets and/or expansion in new product categories. However, while the sector has demonstrated resilience in growth rates over the last decade, the key challenge for the food and agri-business sector going forward is to efficiently utilise the available resources including land, water and energy.

This report is a collaborative content partnership by Sustainability Oultook with SEAF India Investment Advisors. It contains:

  • Private investment trends in food processing and agri-business sector 2010-13
  • Specific lens on resource management risks and value addition opportunities in the food processing sector
  • Case studies on select resource innovation & investments 

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