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VOW: Value Out of Waste

As urbanization is set to almost double in India by 2050 (increase 1.8 times over 2012 levels), the waste in the cities is expected to grow by over 4 times as a result of increased levels of income and consumption – presenting both a challenge and an opportunity. With the announcement of forward thinking plans like ‘100 Smart Cities Initiative’ and the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’, the Government of India is clearly working towards creating smarter and cleaner cities with a focus on urban waste management.

While urban waste has various components, this report focuses on Municipal Solid Waste and provides an overview of the current state of municipal waste management in the country and barriers faced in its effective management. The objective of this report is to assess the business opportunity and investment potential presented by waste management, primarily focusing on creating Value out of Waste through energy and materials recovery. 

Current State of Municipal Solid Waste Management in India

Municipal Solid Waste management is primarily a function of the municipal bodies. The Government of India has rolled out two key rules for solid waste management in India: Municipal Solid Waste (Management and Handling) Rules in 2000 and Plastic Waste Management and Handling) Rules in 2011. Along with these regulatory mandates, the Government of India has also rolled out two key policies (National Environment Policy, 2006 and National Urban Sanitation Policy, 2011) which are expected to provide an Action plan and guidance for improved and effective MSW management in India. 

The USD 1.5 billion VoW (Value out of Waste) market

Currently, municipalities are sourcing funds for waste management from conservancy/property tax, user charges and material recoveries – however these funding sources combined are not adequate for municipalities/ULBs to efficiently manage, treat and dispose municipal waste. This presents an immense opportunity for private players to engage across the entire value chain, particularly for setting up and operating processing and disposal facilities. While multiple business opportunities are available across the entire value chain from waste collection to disposal, for the purpose of this report, the market size has been estimated for urban waste processing in India. Composting and waste to energy are the two biggest opportunities for generating value out of waste in India (together accounting for 90% of the total waste that can be processed). Potential market opportunity for urban MSW processing in India has been estimated by assessing the investment requirements for setting up the requisite waste processing capacity for both composting and waste to energy. 

Action Agenda for Urban Municipal Waste Management in India

The Urban Waste Management Framework (UWMF) has been conceptualized for the creation of a highly comprehensive and integrated urban solid waste management system in India. The three models (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) have their own focus areas based on which key performance indicators can be developed for tracking the success of waste management system.


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Contents of the report

1. Waste Management in India’s Growing Urban Centers
Urbanization and the Waste Management Challenge 
Policy push increasing the focus on smarter and cleaner Indian cities
Understanding Urban Waste
Focus of this Report: Municipal Solid Waste

2. Current State of Municipal Waste Management in India
Understanding Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Management in India
Operational Landscape of Municipal Waste Management in India
Current Policy Landscape of Municipal Waste Management in India
Creating Value Out of Waste: Current Technology Landscape of Municipal Waste Management in India

3. Barriers for Municipal Solid Waste Management in India

4. Municipal Waste Management as a Business Opportunity: Creating Value Out of Waste
Need for Private Sector participation in MSW Management in India
Urban Municipal Solid Waste management as a business opportunity
The USD 1.5 billion VoW (Value out of Waste) market
Government support needed to attract private participation in urban waste management in India

5. Action Agenda for Municipal Waste Management in India

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