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Collaborative Intelligence Solutions

Sustainability Outlook through its Collaborative Intelligence Platform, Sustainable Business Leadership Forum (SBLF) brings together a diverse pool of thought leaders, practioners and technology experts committed to work on resource sustainability issues in order to enable industry collaboration, deliver actionable insight and create benchmarkable impact.

Based on membership inputs and requests for focused research, the platform facilitates creation of Industry Task Forces guided by industry catalysts and corporates to help enable:

  • Peer to peer knowledge exchange on industry best practices
  • Uncovering of innovative solutions for solving resource challenges faced by the industry
  • Enabling access to informational tools, metrics and frameworks to catalyze resource efficiency within the industry
  • Innovative thinking and approaches to mainstream sustainability within organizations

Some of the recent initiatives by the Sustainable Business Leadership Forum include:

India Textile Water Network

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Parivartan Innovation Network

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Working Group on Sustainability Disclosure and Reporting

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