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Intelligent Traffic Systems: Reshaping the transportation network in Smart Cities

By : Sustainability ..., May 29, 2015

Today, almost every Indian megacity is experiencing traffic congestion and its subsequent problems.1According to the IBM 2011 Global commuter Pain Survey, New Delhi is the 6th most painful city in the world when it comes...

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Daylighting: Using the Sun to Light up Building Interiors

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 13, 2015
Hyderabad based Skyshade Daylighting Solutions is a company that has come up with several innovative products that capture sunlight and deliver the light in buildings without converting solar energy into electricity. 
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De-coding Thermal Mass and R-Value for Optimizing Building Efficiency

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 30, 2015
Residential and commercial buildings account for about 30% of Indian’s electricity which was approximately 294 TWh in 2012 and would increase to 11948 TWh by 2047, if present trends continue.1 The Ministry of Environment and Forests estimated...
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