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Magenta Power updates EV charging stations with new billing meters, to expand chargers to more highways

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Financial Express
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Magenta Power has now introduced an EV Billing Meter in association with MSEDCL (Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited). The firm has confirmed that the billing metre will be installed on all its six charging stations that are currently in operation. Besides these, Magenta is planning to expand its charging stations to other important highways under its EV billing meter scheme. This meter has been set up at a charging station installed by Magenta Power in Navi Mumbai.

With an ambition to go all-electric by 2032, the government of India has put several policies in place to push acceptance to electric vehicles. One of the policies includes EV charging metering under a subsidised rate.

Individual states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana published their EV policies with this subsidised energy rates on offer. However, EV billing meters have not been in place. There have been some EV charging stations set up, but they so far have been connected to the base meters which means higher prices for the consumers.

Now, Magenta Power with support from the government of Maharashtra and the MAITRI programme has installed the first EV billing meter in the country.

After India’s first solar charging station, Magenta Power sets up country’s first EV charging corridor

This is a first of its kind initiative in India which now opens up the nation to set up such charging points under the governments EV support program, Director, Magenta Power Maxson Lewis said at the launch of the EV billing meter.

The idea is to make the charging experience across India as convenient as possible. While this meter setup is a small step, it is a significant one in India’s EV journey, he added.

In June this year, Magenta Power became the first service provider to install a solar-powered EV charging station (DC Fast Charge) in India. Called Magenta Charging Station-3, the solar-powered charging station caters to four-wheelers. Beginning operations in Navi Mumbai, the firm has that it will expand to other cities and install EV charging stations for two-wheelers as well.

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