PMC willing to recycle grey water

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Times of India
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 The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has proposed a pilot project to recycle grey water in an effort to find a sustainable solution to the city's water woes.

The civic administration's proposal says that sewage water generally contains 69% grey water and 31% black water. "If grey water is separated from black water and treated, it will help save the treatment cost. Corporator Aba Bagul, who represents ward 67 in Sahakarnagar, has insisted on installing a pilot project. The civic administration has to provide guidance on the further process," says the note prepared by the Sahakarnagar ward office.

Grey water comes from kitchen sinks, showers and washing machines. As much as 50% to 80% of household water that goes down the drain can be reused to flush toilets, water outdoor landscaping and for irrigation, say experts.

Grey water reuse in toilets requires installation of extra pipes, pumps, a storage unit and a simple treatment unit. However, retrofitting existing toilets and urinals with a grey water collection system can be costly. It is much more feasible to introduce a system to collect and treat grey water for reuse during the design phase, they add.

"The PMC has shown its willingness for the pilot grey water recycling project and we are confident of its success. Once the project in ward 67 gets going, it could be replicated in other parts of the city," Bagul said.

He added that the use of recycled water would help the city tackle its water crisis, especially during summer. It would help save potable water, which is currently used for gardening, washing cars and other such purposes.

The PMC's note states that considering the growing population and demand for water, recycling grey water would be a great help for the city.

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