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Power grids need to be more intelligent, feels Alstom chief

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 10, 2014

 India is a world leader in the power transmission business, but lags behind in the transmission end of the business, said Gregoire Poux-Guillaume, Executive Vice-President, Alstom, and Head of Alstom Grid Worldwide, here on Wednesday.

Speaking at the inaugural session...

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BMW hints i series coming to India soon

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 7, 2014

According to the official Facebook page of BMW, the company is planning to bring its legendary i series to the Indian auto market. Industry experts are of a view that BMW i series is a remarkable initiative that aims towards environmental sustainability. The concept...

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Looking Ahead: 7 Sustainability Trends for 2014 in India

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 2, 2014

As we all bid adieu to a year in which turbulence was the only stable (and ‘sustainable’) phenomenon, we foresee the following 7 key sustainability headlines holding center stage in the year ahead: 


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City awaits e-waste disposal system

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 29, 2013

 How do you dispose of the many dead batteries or a damaged phone that inevitably comes your way? More often than not, this situation would leave you confused.

Lakhs of households across the city know little on how to systematically deal with e-waste, most of which...

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Powering-up future industrial growth: catalysing rooftop solar and CHP

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 26, 2013

Sustainability Outlook spoke to Fortum India to understand what is required for renewable energy interventions to power up India’s industrial sector. Rooftop solar and group captive CHP are gaining momentum and opportunities exist for equity and policy changes to further...

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Growing the role of captive renewable energy systems and energy sustainability for industrial practices

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 26, 2013

Sustainability Outlook spoke to Mr. Sanjay Choudhary, Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer at Tata Chemicals (TCL) on the role of renewable energy in captive generation and how to build a sustainable supplier ecosystem. Mr. Choudhary explains how...

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A stronger backbone for regulators

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 26, 2013

Statutory regulators were first created in India in the financial sector. The Reserve Bank of India, the Forward Markets Commission and the Railway Rates Tribunal were some of the regulators created before Independence. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) and...

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Monsanto, Novozymes Form BioAg Alliance

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 12, 2013

 Monsanto and Novozymes have formed a long-term research and development alliance to commercialize microbial products intended to help farmers increase crop yields with less input.

The firms say the BioAg Alliance will allow companies to leverage employees,...

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Developers welcome Centre's move to promote green buildings

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 5, 2013
The Centre is learnt to be finalizing a draft policy on non-financial incentives like providing additional floor space to promote green buildings. The move has been welcomed by Thane developers, who say the concept can get a boost if the government provides financial...
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Arlington firm aims to power up India

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 4, 2013

 India is a country where power can be unreliable at the best of times. Flip a switch or turn on an appliance and there's a chance that nothing will happen.

"In India, their grid is very undependable," said Drew Zogby, president of the Bellingham-based Alpha...

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