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About Us

An initiative incubated by cKinetics, Sustainability Outlook is a leading market access, insight and collaboration platform tracking actions related towards sustainability. It proactively promotes a data driven approach to enable action by local, regional as well as global practitioners. It primarily aims at fostering requisite discussion on the ‘growth paradox’ as it impacts emerging economies at a policy and market level. Sustainability Outlook offers a range of solutions including (a) in-depth business and policy analysis (b) tools and frameworks for enabling and promoting resource sustainability within the industry (c) expert inputs on resource usage reduction and resource efficiency measures being undertaken in industries as well as communities

Initiatives launched by Sustainability Outlook

Sustainable Business Leadership Forum

Sustainable Business Leadership Forum (SBLF) is an invitation-only Indian industry focused market development platform which  equips organizations, managers and industry stakeholders on the ‘how’ of sustainability through a unique programmatic approach comprising of round the year programs and ‘on-ground industry oriented’ work. Instituted by Sustainability Outlook, the leading information marketplace on sustainability action, SBLF enables a unique exchange of thought leadership, business know-how and catalytic tools for enabling corporate transition towards sustainable business practices.  For more details please visit

Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Awards   

Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Awards is a discovery, showcase and engagement platform - to uncover and celebrate innovation and leadership in resource conservation within the industry.

  • As a ‘Discovery’ platform, Parivartan Awards aims at bridging the gap between the solution seekers from the industry and sustainability innovators. 
  • As a ‘Showcase’ platform, Parivartan Awards highlights and celebrates leadership efforts in corporate sustainability. 
  • As an ‘Engagement’ platform, Parivartan Innovation Network brings together past Awardees and Finalists i.e. the sustainability innovators and leaders for ongoing collaboration and knowledge sharing.

For more details please visit