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Top 5 Sustainability Watch-Outs for 2015

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 30, 2014
2014 for India was defined with Narendra Modi emerging center-stage post a historic election victory in May, and since then, the new government has been actively promoting certain schemes (with synonymous buzz-words like ‘Make in India’, ‘Namami Gange’, ‘...
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Zero Liquid Discharge: Treating Effluents as a Resource Stream might be the Way Forward

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 11, 2014
Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a series of processes (like membrane filtration, reverse osmosis, evaporation and crystallization) that extract pure water from industrial effluents, leaving behind sludge, dissolved solids, suspended particles and salt...
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Infrastructure Development in India: A Transition in the Making

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 1, 2014

An analysis of the previous and present government plans reveal that Energy Security and Improving Connectivity (both physical and virtual) are emerging as the two major areas of infrastructure development in India. Recently, there has been a...

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Indian farmers in the IT age

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 24, 2014

According to the Census of India 2011, there are 118.9 million cultivators across the country, or 24.6% of the total workforce of over 481 million. The proportion was about 50% in 1951. On the other hand the number of people working as agricultural labourers has increased...

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Hazardous Urban Solid Wastes Management - Need of the Hour

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 24, 2014

The Urban Solid Waste (USW) management has assumed greater importance in recent years for cities of India, in view of their location in sensitive areas and hazardous effect on environment and public health. The urban solid waste handling involves effective collection,...

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The Dark Side of Green Lighting

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 18, 2014
In 2009, the Government of India found that the penetration of CFLs for household lighting was only about 5-10%, while over 70% of the remaining lights were incandescent bulbs1. In a bid to reduce electricity consumption in lighting, the government launched the...
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ABB sees big opportunity in renewable energy sector

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 11, 2014

Power and automations solutions company ABB is eyeing the renewable energy sector in the country with its range of products and integrated solutions.
Madhav Vemuri, Country Services Manager, ABB India, said several States in the country are facing power deficit...

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Vehicle Sharing – Exploring the Market in India

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 7, 2014

Vehicle sharing is the simplest, most cost effective intervention for addressing the urban mobility problems we are facing today. 

In the Indian economy, which faces rapid rates of urbanization, urban mobility problems will choke growth in multiple ways, including:...

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Collaboration to Transform Logistics: From Cost-to-country (CTC) to Benefit-to Country (BTC)

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 5, 2014


Contrary to popular perception, costs of transporting goods from production sites to the end consumer are significant compared to producing them. The logistics sector costs accounted for 14% India’s GDP and amounted to...

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Ground-breaking Indian study benchmarks Pongamia Biodiesel 2030 pricing

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 3, 2014

Ground-breaking Indian research on the viability of Pongamia Biodiesel has today been released titled "PONGAMIA BIODIESEL 2030: Projecting a Path for Permanent Progress & Prosperity, at the culmination of almost three years of work by The Advanced Biofuel Center (CJP).The...

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