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California Legislation Proposes Ban On Gas Cars By 2040

By : sustainabilityo..., Jan 5, 2018

Assemblyman Phil Ting, who represents the city of San Francisco in the California legislature, has filed a bill that would allow only zero-emissions cars to be sold in the Golden State beginning...

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Energy firms back European Union plan for CO2 cap on power subsidies

By : sustainabilityo..., Sep 20, 2017

A group of energy firms has backed a disputed plan by EU regulators to attach emissions limits to subsidies for providing back-up power capacity to avert blackouts.


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New catalyst could reduce diesel vehicle pollution

By : sustainabilityo..., Aug 22, 2017

Scientists have developed a catalyst that can curb emissions of nitrogen oxides from diesel-powered vehicles, an advance that may help reduce air pollution and smog.

Nitrogen oxides (NOx) is a priority air pollutant that is a key ingredient in smog.


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France to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2040

By : sustainabilityo..., Jul 7, 2017

France will end sales of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040 as part of an ambitious plan to meet its targets under the Paris climate accord, Emmanuel Macron’s government has announced....

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295 thermal power plants get more time to meet emission norms

By : sustainabilityo..., Jun 12, 2017

As many as 295 coal-based power plants have got more time of two to four years to meet strict new environment norms which were to be implemented by December 2017.


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Maharashtra starts industry rating to check emissions

By : sustainabilityo..., Jun 6, 2017

In a first in India, industries in Maharashtra will be on regular monitoring of particulate matter and other air pollutants and they will get government rating based on their emission levels....

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Railways to reduce emission by 33 per cent by 2030

By : sustainabilityo..., Jun 5, 2017

Going green, the Indian Railways is stepping up efforts to reduce emission by 33 per cent in the next 10-12 years through sustained energy efficiency measures and and maximum use of clean fuel...

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Becomes First IT Company to Set Science-Based Targets for Supply Chain

By : sustainabilityo..., May 26, 2017

To meet the growing demand for connectivity while managing emissions throughout the value chain, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has launched the world’s first comprehensive supply chain...

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DBS to reduce carbon footprint in 3-year partnership with DHL

By : sustainabilityo..., May 10, 2017

DBS Bank will partner logistics company DHL Express Singapore to reduce its carbon footprint, according to a joint press release by the two firms on Tuesday.


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De Beers Prepares for South African Carbon Tax w/Carbon Capture Pilot Project

By : sustainabilityo..., May 8, 2017

De Beers, the diamond unit of Anglo American, will attempt to capture carbon within the rock from which diamonds are extracted in order to offset its harmful emissions and reduce a tax it might...

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