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GST on recycled construction waste products to be reduced to 5 per cent

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 19, 2018

In a bid to promote reuse of debris generated by the construction industry, the government will soon reduce the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on products made from recycled demolition waste to...

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Temple waste recycle project from India receives UN honour

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 13, 2018

An Indian private project, HelpUsGreen, which collects flowers from temples and mosques across many cities\towns in Uttar Pradesh and recycles them to produce natural incense, organic...

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BBMP to streamline solid waste management

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 12, 2018

Projects taken up by the local civic body will not go ahead without proper due diligence, particularly in solid waste management (SWM). Experts from various institutions across India are already...

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Nagaland's 'Hornbill Night Carnival' to be plastic-free

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 15, 2018

The Kohima Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI) has said the stretch showcasing Nagaland's 'Hornbill Night Carnival' from December 1-10 will be a "plastic-free zone".


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BBMP plans to convert waste to energy on a trial basis

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 14, 2018

Following an inordinate delay in developing waste to energy plants to address municipal waste issues of Bengaluru, the city corporation has now planned to install these plants on an experimental...

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Ultralight ‘supermaterial’ made using plastic bottle waste

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 5, 2018

Scientists have developed a way to convert plastic bottle waste into flexible and durable aerogels that could be used for heat and sound insulation in buildings, oil spill cleaning, and as a...

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Segregate waste at source or face Delhi corporation fines of up to Rs 1L

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 22, 2018

The three municipal corporations of Delhi have issued a public notice saying wastemust be segregated at source and failure to segregate, treat and dispose of waste scientifically would allow the...

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Cabinet approves agreement between India, Finland on environment protection

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 12, 2018

The government on Wednesday approved an agreement between India and Finland on cooperation in environment protection in both the countries.


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Mango peel waste can help clean oil pollution

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 1, 2018

Nanoparticles derived from green mango peels could be used to remove oil sludge from contaminated soil, scientists say.


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NGT says waste management most serious challenge, forms committees to monitor disposal

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 11, 2018

Warning that failure to ensure proper management of solid waste will have disastrous consequences, the National Green Tribunal has appointed three committees to monitor disposal of garbage in an...

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