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Oil futures plunge to 4-year lows amid global supply glut

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 14, 2014

Oil futures tumbled to the lowest level in more than four years on Thursday, as ongoing concerns over a glut in world markets continued to drive prices lower. On the ICE Futures Exchange in London, Brent for January delivery fell by as much as 2.2% to touch a daily low of $79...

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Fall in solar prices attributed to scale effect, industry’s maturity

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 11, 2014

Going by the results of the bids in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, solar prices seem to be stabilising at under Rs. 7 a kWhr, not much higher than the prices of electricity produced with imported coal.
The lowest tariff in the Andhra Pradesh bid was Rs. 6 a kWhr...

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Solar energy prices to come down with tech breakthrough

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 28, 2014

 As India gears up for solar projects under the recently-overhauled National Solar Mission programme, a breakthrough in polysilicon manufacturing promises to make solar energy at ₹6 or less per kilowatt-hour (kWhr) possible.
Across the world, solar technologists...

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