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Higher power rates not to hit state utilities

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 23, 2014

Consumers of Tata's ultra mega power project (UMPP) and Adani's power plant at Mundra in Gujarat might not see a major escalation in their procurement price after the Appellate Tribunal for Electricity (APTEL) gave its nod to include compensatory rate in the final rate of...

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Rethink on land use: A crucial necessity now

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 23, 2014

India may be the seventh-largest country in the world in terms of land mass, but it constitutes only 2.2% of the total land mass of the world. In population density, we are in the top 15 countries in the world. (Barring Bangladesh, all other nations are small countries, their...

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India to Irrigate 35 Million Hectares, Generate 34,000 MW Power via River Linking

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 18, 2014

The Union government has estimated an additional irrigation of 35 million hectares of land and generate 34,000 mega watts of hydro power, through inter-linking of rivers, Union Minister for Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation Uma Bharti stated.


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E-rickshaws legal but aren't regulated

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 2, 2014

 Jai Bhagwan Goel, a politician active in Delhi circles who joined the Bharatiya Janata Party in February, was instrumental in getting a significant rally convened on  June 17. In the rally, he managed to win back a cause, and vote bank, being taken over by Aam Aadmi Party...

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Agra bans plastic bags to curb pollution

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 20, 2014

 With an aim to curb the rising pollution in Yamuna, the Agra district administration has decided to strictly implement the ban on use of polythene in the city. For the same cause, the municipal authorities have been asked to place barricades at Yamuna ghats to resist locals...

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India's National Green Tribunal: An Experiment in Environmental Justice

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 12, 2014

 Meghalaya state in northeastern Indian is a land of bucolic beauty, but its Jaintia Hills have become dotted with ratholes—a primitive mining method where pits ranging from 5–100 square meters are dug into the ground to reach a coal seam. Tunnels about one meter high are...

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Report: Newly-elected Modi aims to bring solar to every Indian home by 2019

By : Sustainability ..., May 23, 2014

 India plans to produce enough solar energy to power a lightbulb in every home in the country by 2019, a party official has said.

News agency Bloomberg reported this week that the country's new prime minister, Narendra Modi, wants to accelerate deployment of the...
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Reforming India’s energy policy

By : Sustainability ..., May 21, 2014

 India’s policymakers are fond of defining the country’s energy security in terms of three As: availability, access and affordability. However, the three As appear at increasing risk in the face of four formidable barriers: energy subsidies, systemic management inefficiencies...

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Govt to charge fees to issue environmental clearance

By : Sustainability ..., May 8, 2014

NAGPUR: Taking a cue from Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, the state government has decided to charge companies applying for environmental clearance. The minimum fee is Rs 1 lakh, and maximum Rs15 lakh, with the cost of the project determining the exact fee.

While the...

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New firm to treat biomedical waste

By : Sustainability ..., May 7, 2014

The Pune bench of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) headed by justices V R Kingaonkar and Ajay Deshpande on Monday directed the civic body to float fresh tenders for appointing a firm for treating biomedical waste in the city. In the process, the NGT cancelled the temporary...

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