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The sustainability primer for Congress, BJP and AAP policies

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 10, 2014

The recently released manifestos for all parties are supportive but devoid of exact details for their vision of a resource efficient India. While BJP broadly commits to a ‘clean energy revolution to end blackouts and revive economic growth’, the party has been tight-lipped...

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AAP Vows to Put Farm Pump Sets on Solar Power

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 2, 2014

While all political parties in the state promise free electricity to farmers, Aam Aadmi Party’s Andhra Pradesh state election campaign committee on Sunday has offered to harness solar power effectively and shift all agricultural pump sets to solar power...

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Experts slam subsidy, laud solar focus

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 6, 2014

 Critics have called CM Arvind Kejriwal's power subsidy "populist" and "economically unsound". But there may be some good in what seems like his government's hurried announcements. Energy experts are excited about what the future may bring given AAP's intention of using solar...

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