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Grid-connected rooftop solar system to come up in Kolkata

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 25, 2014

 Together with the UK government, the West Bengal department of power and Kolkata Municipal Corporation are working on developing a grid-connected rooftop solar system.

"Over the next few months, we will be working with the West Bengal government and supporting Ashden...

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Future tense: Kolkata fails sustainability test by miles

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 26, 2012

The three-centuries-old City of Joy may find it tough to survive another century if civic authorities do not act decisively to make Kolkata sustainable.

A report card on Kolkata's sustainability prepared by Joyashree Roy, a member of the Nobel prize-winning IPCC team...

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Green cover down to 5%, carbon count rises in Kolkata

By : sustainabilityo..., Jun 5, 2010

Rampant construction and poor compensatory plantation are taking a toll on Kolkata's environment. And it has probably never been as stark and quick as in the last year. The city's green cover now stands at a dismal 5%, which is way below the requirement of 15% for metros....

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