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Why recycling is not a bankable venture in India

By : Vaibhav Rathi, Oct 29, 2019

India’s rising urban population and consumption has resulted in staggering increase of waste generation in the country. Recycling which is critical is struggling not because Indian entrepreneurs...

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Infrastructure Development in India: A Transition in the Making

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 1, 2014

An analysis of the previous and present government plans reveal that Energy Security and Improving Connectivity (both physical and virtual) are emerging as the two major areas of infrastructure development in India. Recently, there has been a...

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Transforming Food Processing and Agri Business in India: A Role for Private Equity Investment

By : sustainabilityo..., Apr 30, 2014

 Private investment in food processing and agri-business is growing rapidly. Some of this investment activity is attributed to greater participation by private equity/VC investors; while in other cases, there is significant strategic interest by domestic and foreign food...

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