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Another scientist writes to govt, warns about climate change impact in Dibang Valley over hydro projects

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 29, 2020

Another scientist studying rivers in Arunachal Pradesh’s Dibang Valley has warned the government about climate change-induced natural hazards that hydropower dams may not be able to withstand. Chintan Sheth’s letter to the Forest Advisory Committee (FAC) of the Union ministry...

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UNDP teams up with Indian government to boost coastal resilience

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 28, 2020

India is one of 27 countries that will be worst affected by rising sea levels due to global warming and the 60 million-plus people living on the country’s coasts will bear the brunt, according to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The UN body which works to...

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Fall in emissions spurred by lockdown unlikely to last in the long run

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 23, 2020

Climate change remains a grave threat despite the reduction in emissions witnessed during the covid-19 lockdown and failure to step up climate action could harm humans, the ecosystem, and economies for centuries, scientists have warned The reduction in emissions because of...

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Airbus to support France and India climate change monitor with TRISHNA

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 21, 2020

The French space agency (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, CNES) has signed a contract with Airbus Defence and Space for the development and manufacture of the thermal infrared instrument for the TRISHNA satellite. TRISHNA (Thermal infraRed Imaging Satellite for High...

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Wildlife destruction 'not a slippery slope but a series of cliff edges'

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 9, 2020

Wildlife species will die out and natural ecosystems collapse in the near future if the climate crisis goes unchecked, scientists have warned, as new research shows that the natural world is at far greater risk from climate breakdown than previously thought. Catastrophe could...

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Great Barrier Reef suffers worst-ever coral bleaching: Scientists

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 8, 2020

ustralia's Great Barrier Reef has suffered its most widespread coral bleaching on record, scientists said Tuesday in a dire warning about the threat posed by climate change to the world's largest living organism. James Cook University professor Terry Hughes said a...

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Covid-19 will result in greater income inequality and unemployment, says Kaushik Basu

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 3, 2020

Coronavirus will go, but the kind of world it will leave behind will be a very different one than now. There are widely varying views on how the new world will look, with each expert looking at it from his or her perspective. Dr Kaushik Basu, Professor of Economics at the...

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Coronavirus outbreak lockdown will affect forecasts: WMO

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 2, 2020

The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has flagged that lack of meteorological data from commercial aircraft, grounded across the world because of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic will affect the reliability of weather forecasts. In a statement issued on Wednesday,...

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Study links climate crisis to changes in monsoon patterns over last 30 years

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 1, 2020

Parts of India are facing a severe impact of the climate crisis with reduced rainfall and increase in dry, or no rain, and heavy rain days during the monsoon season, an India Meteorological Department (IMD) study on changes in monsoon patterns over 30 years has found. The...

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Asia's central banks must rise to the challenge of climate change

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 31, 2020

Climate change is already a reality. The deadly bushfires in Australia, ferocious flooding in Indonesia and extended droughts in Vietnam have led to the destruction of infrastructure, investments and livelihoods. Yet across Asia, acceptance of this reality has not yet changed...

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