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Climate Change Threatens to Wipeout Valuable Mangrove Ecosystems Entirely by 2050

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 11, 2020

Over the next 30 years, mangrove forests face the threat of disappearing off the face of the Earth due to climate change—particularly rising sea levels—a new study has revealed. Mangroves are said to be highly resilient ecosystems that form at the edge of land and sea as they...

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2020 could be the hottest year since records began, experts warn

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 1, 2020

The year 2020 has been marked by astounding events globally, from nearly the entire planet gripped in the clutches of Covid-19 disease, super cyclone Amphan ravaging the Bengal coast, locust attack in parts of India and other countries to the scorching heatwave. Scientists...

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Climate Change Might Trigger El Niño-like Pattern Over Indian Ocean by 2050: Study

By : Sustainability ..., May 15, 2020

Global warming continues to impact the weather patterns across the world in myriad ways. Now, a new study has revealed that in the upcoming years the Indian Ocean will experience an unprecedented increase in the sea temperature due to global warming. The warming could be so...

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1.2 bn Indians will live in places as hot as Sahara if emissions not curbed

By : Sustainability ..., May 7, 2020

More than 1.2 billion people in India would live in places as hot as the Sahara within 50 years if the greenhouse gas emissions keep rising. Overall, home to one-third of the world’s population will become as hot as the desert. This was brought to the fore in the latest...

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UNDP teams up with Indian government to boost coastal resilience

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 28, 2020

India is one of 27 countries that will be worst affected by rising sea levels due to global warming and the 60 million-plus people living on the country’s coasts will bear the brunt, according to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The UN body which works to...

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India Inc couldn’t-care-less attitude about forests worrying, says report

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 28, 2020

Does India Inc care about the country’s forests? A recent ‘CDP India Annual Report 2019’ indicates it doesn’t. No Indian company responded to CDP’s (Carbon Disclosure Project) questionnaire on forests, though many answered similar questionnaires on other issues such as...

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Study finds shock rise in levels of potent greenhouse gas

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 22, 2020

Efforts to reduce levels of one potent greenhouse gas appear to be failing, according to a study. Scientists had expected to find a dramatic reduction in levels of the hydrofluorocarbon HFC-23 in the atmosphere after India and China, two of the main sources, reported in 2017...

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Sea level rise to impact more population in Asia, including India: Moody’s report

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 17, 2020

The rise in sea level due to global warming will impact more people in Asian countries than any other region, Moody’s said in a report on the consequences of this inevitability and credit risk to such sovereign nations. Stating that Sovereigns in Asia, Middle East and North...

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2019 capped world’s hottest decade in recorded history

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 16, 2020

The past decade was the hottest ever recorded on the planet, driven by an acceleration of temperature increases in the past five years, according to data released Wednesday.

The findings, released jointly by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration...

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India's fight against air pollution could increase greenhouse gas emissions

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 10, 2019

India’s fight against deadly air pollution may come with an unintended consequence: increased emissions of greenhouse gases. Government-mandated pollution control devices for coal-fired power plants, which reduce deadly sulfur-dioxide pollution, could also boost carbon...

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