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Closed-Loop System Captures CO2 for Use in Beverage Industry

By : sustainabilityo..., May 12, 2016

CO2 Solutions and Mojonnier Limited have teamed up to capture carbon from the beverage bottling processes — thus preventing CO2 emissions — and then supply this CO2 back to the beverage industry...

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Farmers fight Coca-Cola as India’s groundwater dries up

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 10, 2014

Savitri Rai winces as she recounts how police beat her when she protested against groundwater extraction at a Coca-Cola Co. plant near her farm in India. A decade later, she said her water supplies keep dwindling. “We have to dig ever deeper wells,” the 60-year-old said...

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Water conservation : Need not be mere PR for the Beverage Sector

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 26, 2012

Driven by the fast emerging threat of water scarcity, Beverage giants are increasingly mainstreaming their water conservation practices though some observers remain cynical about the claims and the true accomplishments.

The beverage industry relies on water for its...

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