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Kashmir’s retreating glaciers could be influenced by local land use change

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 2, 2020

Kolahoi Glacier, the largest glacier in Kashmir Himalayas which feeds two major tributaries of the River Jhelum – Lidder and Sindh – has further reduced in area over three years, a new research paper has revealed, as it compared its recent findings to that of a 2017 study....

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Himalayan Glaciers melting at accelerated pace - study

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 20, 2019

Himalayan glaciers have been melting twice as fast since the start of this century, underscoring the threat the climate crisis poses to water supplies for hundreds of millions of people across...

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Melting glaciers, changing climate

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 29, 2014

At dawn, Mohd Soheb begins an arduous trek to the high camp at Chhota Shigri glacier in the Pir Panjal range in Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh. From the PWD guesthouse at Chota Dara, he walks down to the Chandra river where he travels across in a small iron crate using an...

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