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John Kerry Presses India on Global Trade Deal as Deadline Looms

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 4, 2014

US Secretary of State John Kerry, who arrived in India on Wednesday for an official visit, has pressed New Delhi to drop its opposition to global trade reforms, saying it was a test of the country's commitment to advance economic liberalisation.

Mr Kerry made the call...

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Slow pace of talks on food security at WTO worries India

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 12, 2014

 India has expressed concern over the “slow progress” in post Bali talks of the WTO on arriving at a permanent solution on safeguards to run food security programmes of developing nations and a 'package' for least developed countries (LDC), even as it indicated that work is...

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WTO sets up panel to examine US-India solar power dispute

By : Sustainability ..., May 27, 2014

 New Delhi: The commerce ministry under Nirmala Sitharaman of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has to fight a new trade battle at World Trade Organisation (WTO), which has set up a dispute settlement panel to examine a complaint by the US against India’s domestic content...

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Solar projects: India says no to US on dispute settlement panel

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 30, 2014


India has rejected US’ request for a dispute settlement panel at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) over mandatory domestic sourcing norms in solar projects on the ground that more discussions were required.

If the US makes a second...

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US, India to hold second round of talks on solar trade dispute

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 18, 2014

 The second phase of India’s solar mission will come under the scrutiny of the US this week as the two countries begin consultations on compulsory local-buying requirements for certain components used in the programme.

The US has alleged that the domestic sourcing...

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WTO Bali deal protects business, farmers: India Inc

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 9, 2013

 The trade deal clinched Saturday in Bali by 159 members of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) is a victory for the multilateral trading system and it protects the interests of Indian farmers, poor and businesses, industry leaders said.

"We are very happy with the...

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India rejects WTO offer on food security rules

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 2, 2013

India on Monday rejected the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) offer on food security rules in its present form ahead of the biannual ministerial conference of the multilateral trade body beginning Tuesday in Bali, further hardening India’s position on the issue.


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India says US cannot point fingers on local input norm

By : Sustainability ..., May 3, 2013

In a move to counter the US gripe against compulsory local sourcing for solar projects, India is digging up cases where American states have mandated domestic sourcing.

At a meeting earlier this week of the WTO Committee on Trade Related Investment Measures,...

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Widening domestic sourcing net may hurt India’s case

By : Sustainability ..., Feb 12, 2013

The US could have a stronger case against India at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) if the country goes ahead with its plans of covering more products under domestic sourcing norms in the second phase of the National Solar Mission.

In a response being framed...

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Indian response to US charges on solar policy in 10 days

By : Sustainability ..., Feb 8, 2013

 India will respond within 10 days to WTO on US complaint that alleges discrimination by New Delhi's national solar mission against American products.

"...the US has sought a consultation in respect to domestic content policy of National Solar Mission. According...

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