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National Clean Air Programme: encouraging cooperation to address trans-boundary air pollution

By : Abhilasha Fullonton, Mar 25, 2019

7 of the top 10 polluting cities in the world are in India. However, fixing that requires a coordinated effort across a region and is not limited to actions within a city...

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Smart Cities: $45-$50 Billion Opportunity in India

By : sustainabilityo..., May 27, 2015

‘Smart Cities’ is the new buzzword in the Indian Infrastructure and development space. While we may have an inkling of what it may represent, there is a lot of fuzziness surrounding the concept of smart cities, the benefits they may bring and particularly, the level or...

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Shaping New Age Urban Systems: A Smart City Maturity Model for Energy, Connectivity & Climate Resilience

By : sustainabilityo..., Oct 20, 2014

Indian cities are struggling to accommodate the accelerated pace of urbanization – resulting in crumbling urban infrastructure and unaffordable options for urban accommodation. Earlier in 2014, was launched as the first ISO standard for smart city indicators. Our analysis (...

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