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TERI asserts reduction emission by changing the process of bio-diesel Production

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 6, 2019

Changing the process of producing bio-diesel could help reduce tailpipe emissions of nanoparticles, contributing to improving air quality, according to a collaborative study by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), the Finnish Meteorological Institute, and Tampere...

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Waste-to-energy: Researcher develops bio-drying technology in Kochi

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 13, 2019

A research scholar at Cusat has developed a technology to reduce the moisture content in municipal solid waste (MSW) and make it suitable for manufacturing fuel that can be used in waste-to-energy plants. The researcher, Asha P Tom, who was working under the guidance of Renu...

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360-degree plan to convert cattle dung into energy

By : sustainabilityo..., Feb 22, 2018

First getting villagers to collect and treat it, then tapping entrepreneurs to set up plants to generate bio-gas and bio-CNG, pushing it to market through oil and gas marketing and then selling...

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London buses to be powered by coffee

By : sustainabilityo..., Nov 21, 2017

In a first, waste coffee grounds will be used to make biofuels to power some of Londons buses from today, according to a media report.


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NASA Study Confirms Biofuels Reduce Jet Engine Pollution

By : sustainabilityo..., Mar 17, 2017

Using biofuels to help power jet engines reduces particle emissions in their exhaust by as much as 50 to 70 percent, in a new study conclusion that bodes well for airline economics and Earth’s...

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Boeing, Aeromexico, Mexican Government Collaborate on Sustainable Aviation Biofuel Research and Development

By : sustainabilityo..., Feb 26, 2016

Aeromexico and Mexico's Airports and Auxiliary Services (ASA) will collaborate with a biojet program supported by Mexico's Sector Fund for Energy Sustainability (SENER-CONACYT) to advance...

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Fuel marketers to meet 5% ethanol blending target this year: Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan

By : sustainabilityo..., Feb 12, 2016

State-run fuel retailers will meet the target of blending 5 per cent ethanol in petrol for the first time this year, about a decade after the government set the target, oil minister Dharmendra...

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55 new Green Buses may start running in city in next three months

By : sustainabilityo..., Dec 29, 2015

As the Second Capital City of Nagpur gears up to turn into a ‘Smart City,’ the arrival of 55 Green Buses in the next three months could be in the right direction. The environment-friendly buses would run on city roads as the State Government has given its seal of approval to...

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