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Bangalore based researchers synthesize durable, efficient, cost-effective catalyst for sustained & efficient Hydrogen Evolution

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 11, 2020

In order to phase out fossil fuels and combat climate change, hydrogen is projected as one of the next generation low carbon fuels. The future of use of hydrogen as a fuel lies in the design of...

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Plunging cost of wind and solar marks turning point in energy transition - IRENA

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 2, 2020

Plunging costs of renewables mark a turning point in a global transition to low-carbon energy, with new solar or wind farms increasingly cheaper to build than running existing coal plants, according to a report published on Tuesday. The International Renewable Energy Agency (...

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PWD’s e-Car pilot project clocks 92 per cent savings

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 25, 2019

Department officials used e-cars from February to July this year. A pilot project to replace government vehicles run on petrol and diesel with environment-friendly electric cars undertaken by the Maharashtra Public Works Department (PWD) has yielded remarkable results, with...

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A boon to discoms, but privacy concerns remain over smart meters

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 22, 2019

The government’s move to push smart meters could reduce bill shocks for power consumers and potentially rein in the debt woes of distribution companies (discoms) by reducing theft and improving their operational efficiency, but privacy issues continue to linger. This comes in...

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Street vendors in India can soon tap into solar energy

By : sustainabilityo..., Jul 27, 2017

The National Association of Street Vendors of India estimates that there are around 30,000 street vendors in Bengaluru. Small businesses like these face innumerable challenges, given their make-shift existence. Availability of light in the evening...

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India-born chemist Swaminathan Ramesh, develops a mobile reactor to convert waste plastic to diesel in US

By : sustainabilityo..., Apr 5, 2017

A mobile reactor to convert waste plastic into fuel, that uses technology developed by an India-born chemist, is soon to make its debut in California in a demonstration project. “Using our...

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