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BRICS Ministers Commit to Urban Environmental Management, Global Climate and Biodiversity Issues

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 28, 2019

Following the fifth BRICS Ministers of Environment Meeting, held under the theme, ‘Contribution of Urban Environmental Management to Improving the Quality of Life in Cities,’ leaders of Brazil,...

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Bengal tigers may not survive climate change, UN report finds

By : Sustainability ..., May 9, 2019

Climate change and rising sea levels eventually may wipe out one of the world's last and largest tiger strongholds, scientists warned in a new study. The cats are among 500,000 land species...

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On thin ice: Time for climate change policy

By : Sustainability ..., May 7, 2019

Climate change has become a major global issue, but has the IT hub, Bengaluru, done enough to minimise its effects? With air pollution on the rise in the city and the government struggling to...

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Now, Central railway station embarks on a green journey

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 1, 2019

With the aim of achieving the target of ISO 14001 certification for environmental management, the Central railway station has initiated steps to embrace green energy. Solar panels are being...

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Mumbai: Green activists urge parties to include environment issues in manifestos

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 27, 2019

Environmentalists and activists are demanding that environment issues find a place in the election manifestos of political parties. The city’s green activists have been disappointed with the...

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KKR to buy control of REEL for $530 million, one of India's biggest buyouts

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 14, 2018

Private equity firm KKR & Co said it will acquire a 60 per cent stake in India's Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd (REEL) for $530 million, adding it was one of India's largest buyouts. KKR will...

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Waste management plants to be set up for strengthening power generation system: Haryana minister

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 9, 2018

Waste management plants would be set up for strengthening power generation system in Haryana, the state’s Urban Local Bodies Minister Kavita Jain said on Sunday.


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New Carbon Capture Technology Slashes Cost Per Ton

By : sustainabilityo..., Jun 12, 2018

A new carbon capture process to make fuel at an industrial plant brings the cost down to between $94 and $232 per ton compared to previous estimates of $600 per ton. The technology could help...

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Four more nations join UN Environment's Clean Seas campaign

By : sustainabilityo..., Dec 7, 2017

In a major collaboration to make the oceans litter-free, four more countries -- Chile, Oman, Sri Lanka and South Africa -- on Wednesday joined UN Environment's Clean Seas campaign by committing...

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NGT order changes everything about cleaning river Ganga

By : sustainabilityo..., Jul 14, 2017

In a significant order seeking a fundamental change in strategy in cleaning the river Ganga, the National Green Tribunal on Thursday directed that 100 meters from the edge of Ganga between...

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