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Amazon’s streamlined plastic packaging is jamming up recycling centers

By : Sustainability ..., Feb 14, 2019

Over the last year,...

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UK corporate giants sign pact to cut plastic waste

By : sustainabilityo..., Apr 27, 2018

More than 40 British companies including major retailers and soft drinks companies on Thursday pledged to eliminate unneccessary plastic packaging as part of an anti-pollution push....

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Nestlé Aims for 100% Recyclable or Reusable Packaging by 2025

By : sustainabilityo..., Apr 12, 2018

Nestlé today announced its ambition to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or re-usable by 2025. Its vision is that none of its packaging, including plastics, ends up in landfill or as litter...

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Pepsi to introduce cola in glass bottles that don’t need to be returned

By : sustainabilityo..., Nov 20, 2017

After shifting its focus to healthier products, PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd has turned to a healthier option in packaging.


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Target Commits to 5 Bold Sustainable Packaging Goals for 2022

By : sustainabilityo..., Apr 27, 2017

Just weeks after releasing a new forest products policy, in which it pledges to source all of the wood, paper, paper-based and wood-based fiber used in its brand-owned products from post-...

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Packaging Industry Urges EU to Embolden Circular Economy Strategy

By : sustainabilityo..., Sep 1, 2016

The European Organisation for Packaging and the Environment (EUROPEN) and 35 other associations1 representing a wide range of sectors including major consumer goods brands, packaging producers,...

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