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TERI partners with start-up to generate water from air moisture

By : Sustainability ..., Feb 28, 2020

Aiming to facilitate India's sustainable development goal (SDG) of universal access to safe drinking water, environment think tank ''The Energy and Resources Institute'' (TERI) said on Thursday that it was collaborating with an Indian start-up company to generate water from...

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CAG report slams implementation of water project in Karnataka

By : sustainabilityo..., Jun 8, 2017

The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has slammed the implementation of the National Rural Drinking Water Project in the state, saying that the programme is full of shortcomings....

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Graphene sieve turns seawater into drinking water

By : sustainabilityo..., Apr 5, 2017

Researchers, including one of Indian origin, have developed a graphene-based sieve capable of removing salt from seawater, an advance that may provide clean drinking water for millions of people...

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Uttar Pradesh govt approves Rs 47 crore for making drinking water availability in Bundelkhand region

By : sustainabilityo..., Apr 3, 2017

The Yogi Adityanath government approved Rs 47 crore package to ensure immediate availability of drinking water in the parched Bundelkhand region.


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Solar solution to water crisis in Sundargarh

By : sustainabilityo..., Mar 2, 2017

Come summer and rural population in tribal-dominated Sundargarh district can be seen walking miles for collecting water. But, not anymore. The scene in rural Sundargarh has changed for the...

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