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E-Vehicles To Come Under Priority-Lending, R&D Incentives in Budget 2019

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 19, 2019

“Today, nobody is giving loans to electric vehicles. Some instruction should be given by the RBI to public sector banks for priority-lending to the EV sector. Then, a clean air campaign should...

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CSR and Relief Support: Forward Thinking

By : Sustainability ..., May 6, 2019

It has been a year of rains, floods and devastation in most parts of India – North to South and West to East. In 2018, July has witnessed floods in the state of Gujarat and flash floods in Jammu...

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Gujarat: Surat installs over 43 underground garbage bins

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 5, 2018

In a move to protect the environment and manage the garbage, Surat has installed 43 underground garbage bins, each of which can hold up to 1.5 tonnes of waste.


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South Delhi Municipal Corporation to map areas to manage waste

By : sustainabilityo..., Jul 11, 2017

The south corporation has decided to conduct geo-mapping of areas under its jurisdiction for effective collection of waste. The exercise is meant to visualise data from different geographical...

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Swachh Bharat: Funds for treating solid waste cut 46 per cent

By : sustainabilityo..., Apr 20, 2017

As Swachh Bharat Mission reaches the halfway mark of implementation, the Centre has decided to halve the expenditure on solid waste management, the biggest head of the cleanliness drive. ...

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Tamil Nadu: Tirunelveli Corporation gets award for effective plastic waste disposal

By : sustainabilityo..., Feb 16, 2017

Tirunelveli Corporation has received the Centre’s ‘Best Corporation Award’ for implementing Swachh Bharat Mission by separately collecting nondegradable plastic waste on a dedicated day every...

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Swachh Bharat survey in 500 cities

By : sustainabilityo..., Jan 4, 2017

The government will kick start a survey tomorrow to rank 500 cities across the country on cleanliness, in a bid to encourage competition to improve sanitation standards. To be conducted by...

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Procter & Gamble to Partner with Indian Government in Clean India Mission

By : sustainabilityo..., Oct 5, 2016

Procter & Gamble global chief executive David Taylor met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday to discuss the company's manufacturing initiatives in the country and partnership...

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NMC launches app to get daily garbage collection feedback

By : sustainabilityo..., Sep 15, 2016

To ensure garbage is collected daily from all households, Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has launched an app — Swachh Nagpur — on pilot basis for Laxmi Nagar Zone. At the same time, Nagpur...

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Fort Kochi, Veli- Corporation plans to privatize waste disposal

By : sustainabilityo..., Aug 4, 2016

The corporation is planning to privatize the removal and treatment of waste generated or dumped in Fort Kochi. Sources said the file for privatization of garbage removal from Fort Kochi (...

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