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Community Irrigation – The Next Frontier for Off-Grid Solar in India?

By : Lanvin Concessao, May 27, 2019

After a last push through the Saubhagya scheme, 100% household electrification in India was officially achieved in January 2019. However, even as 25 million households have now been connected to the grid, millions of households alongside small and marginal farmers still lack...

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Peering into the future:India and the distributed standalone solar products market

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 5, 2019

India is the world’s single largest market for portable lanterns, and even though there is a trend towards electrification across the country, there is still potential for a range of other...

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Questions you had about the Saubhagya Scheme in India

By : sustainabilityo..., Oct 29, 2017


The objective of the ‘Saubhagya’ scheme is to provide energy access to all by providing last mile connectivity and electricity connections to all the remaining 300 Lakhs un-electrified...

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