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Health and safety of 1 billion people at risk from lack of access to cooling: Study

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 8, 2019

Public safety, health, safe medicine and food supply for a whopping 1.05 billion people in poor rural and urban areas globally are now at risk from lack of access to cooling including adequate refrigeration, air conditioning and other areas that are essential as the earth’s...

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Govt planning minimum indoor temperature settings for commercial buildings

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 11, 2019

India’s share in total room air conditioners being used worldwide may just be little over 2.2% at present, but it will rise to almost 25% of the global stock by 2050 posing a huge challenge in...

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India’s aggregate cooling requirement to increase by 8 times in 20 years

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 19, 2018

India’s aggregate cooling requirement will increase by eight times in the next 20 years with room air conditioners alone consuming more than half of the energy required for space cooling in the...

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