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Bihar govt''s irrigation plan for every farm

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 29, 2020

The Bihar government aims to provide irrigation facility to every farm for which plot-wise survey would be carried out to make a correct...

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Energy farming to empower UP farmers

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 24, 2019

In a first, the new Kisan Suraksha Utthan Mahabhiyan (KUSUM) Scheme of the Centre is set to promote energy farming in agricultural sector in the state. The initiative is aimed making the best of ‘usar’ (alkaline) and ‘banjar’ (infertile) stretches of Bundelkhand which have...

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India's first cloud-based irrigation set up at Hyderabad International Airport

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 11, 2019

Giving a robust technology boost to its ongoing environment sustainability measures, GMR-led Hyderabad International Airport became India's first airport to induct a cloud-based central irrigation control system using an 'IMMS online' (Irrigation Management and Monitoring...

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ADB Study: More food for less water in southern Asia

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 8, 2019

Rice is one of the staple foods in southern Asia. It needs large amounts of water to be grown and population increase and climate change are major challenges for irrigation farming in the region...

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Walmart Foundation Supports IDEI Irrigation Project to Raise Incomes for 10,000 Smallholder Farming Families

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 28, 2019

Ten thousand smallholder farmers in Andhra Pradesh are set to benefit from the introduction of sustainable irrigation products and practices under a program offered by International Development...

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UP government to offer subsidised solar pumps to farmers for irrigation

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 15, 2018

 Uttar Pradesh government will give subsidy up to 70% for solar pumps for irrigation purpose to the farmers under a state government scheme, said Agriculture minister, Surya Pratap Shahi. ...

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