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Autos to be fitted with electric batteries

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 23, 2020

The government is mulling replacing existing internal combustion (IC) engines in auto-rickshaws with electric batteries in a move aimed at lowering air pollution levels in major cities....

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Recycled electric batteries an untapped market

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 29, 2020

As the e-mobility drive gets stronger, it’s already clear that there will soon be huge piles of discarded electric batteries. Some of the materials used to make them are clearly too precious to be thrown away, though. recycled-electric-batteries-marketexpress-inIt’s a huge...

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China's Foton aims to sell 200,000 new energy CVs by 2025

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 18, 2019

Daimler's Chinese truck venture partner Beiqi Foton Motor aims to sell 200,000 new energy commercial vehicles by 2025, its chairman, Zhang Xiyong, told a conference on Saturday. Foton, a BAIC Group unit, will develop battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell and gasoline-electric...

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Indigenisation of EV Manufacturing Could be Worth $2.7 bn for India: CEEW

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 24, 2019

Indigenisation of electric powertrain components and battery pack assembly could produce a 5.7 percent higher output value addition worth USD 2.7 billion for the auto industry in India, in case of an electric vehicles (EV) transition, according to an independent study...

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IIT Hyderabad-Incubated Startup PURE EV Launches Long-Range High-Performance Electric Two-Wheelers

By : Sustainability ..., May 1, 2019

An Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad-incubated startup has developed long-range, high-performance electric two-wheelers specifically designed for Indian Conditions and is commercially...

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