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Rajasthan: Govt announces cheaper solar power for household

By : Sustainability ..., May 29, 2020

Now people looking to reduce their energy bill can do by putting up solar plants on their rooftops. For a kilo watt rooftop system, which generates about 350-400 units, one can pay Rs 78,000 after availing government subsidy of 40 per cent. Without subsidy, the cost of plants...

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MNRE issues clarification for phase II of the solar rooftop programme

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 31, 2020

The Ministry for New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) issued a clarification on Thursday regarding the second phase of the solar rooftop programme, for which it provides Central Financial Assistance (CFA). Meant for the residential sector, the CFA is provided at a 40 per cent of...

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Chandigarh: Centre releases Rs 5 crore for solar subsidy

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 2, 2020

The Union government has released Rs 5 crore to the UT administration that will be used to transfer solar subsidy to residents, who had installed solar plants on their rooftops. In the new year, the UT administration will transfer subsidy amount in the account of eligible...

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Gujarat: Solar rooftop power generation scheme gains popularity

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 25, 2019

The solar rooftop power generation scheme of the state government is fast gaining popularity among citizens, especially in towns of Saurashtra and Central Gujarat. The Gujarat government had floated the scheme in July this year and the power distribution companies (discoms),...

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75% subsidy on farm solar pumps to phase out diesel

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 4, 2019

Farmers using diesel pumps can switch to solar ones at 75% government subsidy, if they meet certain criteria on how they irrigate their fields. The department of new and renewable energy has decided to offer this scheme for solar-powered pumps ranging from 3hp to 10hp. The...

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Goa gets first hybrid renewable energy plant at Verna

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 30, 2019

Goa’s first 50 KW wind solar hybrid energy plant has been installed at Pfizer Limited’s manufacturing unit at Verna Industrial Estate. The six-blade, low RPM wind and solar energy system has been installed by Revayu Systems pvt ltd, said officials. In the future, Revayu...

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No subsidy on solar power plants above 10 kW

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 24, 2019

The Chandigarh Renewal Energy, Science and Technology Promotion Society (CREST) has stopped paying subsidy on the installation of solar power plants above 10 kW capacity. Earlier, 30 per cent...

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Chandigarh: City traders demand 30% subsidy for going solar

By : Sustainability ..., May 29, 2019

The Chandigarh Beopar Mandal (CBM) on Monday demanded a 30% subsidy for commercial buildings, too. At the moment, if a person opts for solar energy for his house, he is entitled to a 30% subsidy...

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