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AIIB Invests in 100-percent electric rapid transit system in Bangalore

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 30, 2020

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s (AIIB) Board of Directors has approved a US$335 million loan for a 100-percent electric metro project that will reduce traffic and pollution and increase employment and mobility in India. The investment in the Bangalore Metro Rail...

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Karnataka govt gives massive thrust to decongest Bengaluru, allots Rs 8,772 cr for city development

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 6, 2020

Recognising the importance of Bengaluru as the key driver of state's economy, the Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa on Thursday mooted proposals to ease the notorious traffic congestion of the city by promoting the public transport system. "For the year 2020-21, a total amount...

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Bengaluru: 2020 may be a better year for urban mobility

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 31, 2019

Bengaluru, which is perennially dogged by chock-a-block roads, can look forward to 2020 with some hope and expectation, going by the promises made by various government agencies to unveil projects to benefit urban mobility. With more than 80 lakh vehicles and average speed...

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Bengaluru is now world leader in scooter-sharing: Report

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 13, 2019

As of 2019, Bangalore is by far the global scooter sharing capital, said a report by Unu, a German manufacturer of electric scooters. According to the Global Scooter Sharing Market Report 2019, India is the highest contributor to the global increase in the number of scooters...

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In battle to curb pollution, Delhi awaits EV policy

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 8, 2019

As the Delhi government has re-introduced the odd-even scheme to curb air pollution, the Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy, 2018 awaits to be notified even after close to a year since it was drafted. While the government said it is working on details of the drafts, the...

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Bounce has 100k rides per day in Bengaluru, users complete 70 mn kms till date

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 23, 2019

App-based two-wheeler rental startup Bounce, which lets commuters to pick and drop scooters anywhere within city limits, has hit 1 lakh daily rides in Bengaluru in October, up from around 60,000 rides in July, according to a top company executive. Bounce currently offers...

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Gujarat has put just one e-vehicle on the road in last six months: Govt data

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 22, 2019

Electric vehicles (EVs) have garnered a lot of focus in India of late, but the rate at which its states have added EVs on the roads hasn't been encouraging. Gujarat, which leads the EV chart, managed to add only one car to an existing base of 31,576 in the past six months,...

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Junked cars worsen Delhi traffic trauma - Mail Today News

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 17, 2019

IIT study says over 2,000 abandoned vehicles choking roads Despite HC snub, civic bodies fail to remove such automobiles There are enforcement wings to deal with such vehicles, said YS MANN, spokesperson for east and north civic bodies As road infrastructure hasn't kept pace...

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India, Japan jointly Launch 'M2Smart' Project to Solve Traffic Congestion using AI, IoT and Neural Networks

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 3, 2019

A joint research project "Multi Modal Smart Transportation (M2Smart)", by Japan and India under a scheme of "Science Technology Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS), was launched at...

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