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“Wholesome communication campaigns that provide consumers with all the working knowledge they need to own and operate their EV will be a key pivot in India’s EV journey”

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 25, 2019

In conversation with Sustainability Outlook, Carson Dalton, Senior Director of Ola Mobility Institute talks about India’s readiness for transition to EVs and challenges and opportunities...

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Waive parking charges for electric vehicles, UT told

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 22, 2019

The ministry of road transport and highways has asked the UT administration to give incentives for electric vehicles (EVs) like waiving of toll and parking charges and issuing green registration...

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Indus plans to host EV charging units across its vast network of telecom towers

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 17, 2019

Indus Towers Ltd, India’s largest mobile tower company, plans to utilize its vast base of telecom towers to charge electric vehicles as part of a strategy to tap this fledgling industry and...

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Subsidy proposals this week to set up 5,000 e-charging stations

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 12, 2019

The government will within this week float two large proposals offering subsidy to states for deployment of 5,000 electric charging stations in cities and highways. This is the pilot electric...

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