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Precautionary principle: It’s relevance in the National Resource Efficiency Policy

By : Abhilasha Fullonton, Nov 19, 2019

Even after precautionary principle was firmed up at the Rio Declaration under principle 15 in 1992, the ambiguity surrounding it still remains, as its use is not as prevalent in the Indian...

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Chennai water crisis: How 'great' teamwork, muddy data enabled poor management and engineered a disaster

By : Mridula Ramesh, Jul 26, 2019

This ...

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A bridge over troubled waters: Integrating governance and communities for water security

By : Hemant R. Ojha, Jul 1, 2019

Water security in India has been worsening due to climate change and rapid rate of urbanization. Long-term community-based water management systems are feeling the pressure of increasing demand. While government intervention is vital, building on...

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