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Delhi To Adopt Dungarpur's Model Of Rainwater Harvesting: Satyendar Jain

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 11, 2020

The Delhi government will adopt the cost-effective model of rainwater harvesting currently being implemented in the tribal-dominated Dungarpur district of Rajasthan, city Water Minister...

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Over-capacity, water shortage and renewable power exerts pressure on thermal power plants

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 11, 2019

A report prepared by Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) and Applied Economics Clinic (AEC) has pointed out that India’s coal-fired energy sector is facing increasing pressure due to generator over-capacity, water shortages and the rise of low-cost...

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India's Chennai rapid growth threatened by water shortages

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 6, 2019

Dozens of billion-dollar companies. Thousands of high-paying IT and manufacturing jobs. Luxury apartments towering over the Bay of Bengal. The southern Indian city of Chennai has one of the...

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One Climate Crisis Disaster Occurs Every Week, U.N. Official Warns

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 9, 2019

Top United Nations official has issued a stark warning regarding climate change, pointing out that “lower-impact” climate crisis disasters capable of causing death, displacement and suffering...

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