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IIT Kharagpur study proposes waste management policy during pandemic crisis

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 30, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world in unprecedented ways and created a lot of pressure on waste disposal techniques. The shutdown in industries over a long time has certainly made the...

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IIT-Kgp's ''Deshla'' e-vehicle project gets funding for building

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 16, 2020

The IIT Kharagpur''s ''Deshla'' electric vehicle project has secured funding from a leading trusteeship firm for developing aerodynamic body panel design of a next-generation electric three-wheeler. The lightweight structure will enable the electric vehicles to achieve a peak...

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IIT-Kharagpur implements micro solar dome project to provide affordable clean energy

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 4, 2019

IIT-Kharagpur on Thursday said 44,000 micro solar domes will be provided to poor households in rural areas of ten states under a project to provide clean energy at an affordable price. Poor families are often unable to afford the grid- connected electricity while others may...

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