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Reforming India’s energy policy

By : Sustainability ..., May 21, 2014

 India’s policymakers are fond of defining the country’s energy security in terms of three As: availability, access and affordability. However, the three As appear at increasing risk in the face of four formidable barriers: energy subsidies, systemic management inefficiencies...

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In India, solar surge aims to reshape the country's energy future

By : Sustainability ..., May 20, 2014

 DHURSAR, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The deserts of Rajasthan have long been known for their spare beauty and their intense sunshine. Now that sun is being turned into a surge of solar power expansion that may one day power not just Rajasthan but a wide swath of...

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The Age of Ubiquitous Computing: Smart Grids to Smart Cars

By : Sustainability ..., May 12, 2014

Guest contributor Tavleen Mehendiratta, entrepreneur & avid technology evangelist for electric vehicles, explains the rise of an electric 'internet of things' that will transform energy delivery and transport mechanisms in India. 

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Czech envoy evinces interest in cooperation with Haryana

By : Sustainability ..., May 9, 2014

Czech Republic has evinced interest in mutual cooperation with Haryana in the areas of water management, power and solid waste management.

Ambassador of Czech Republic to India Miloslav Stasek along with a seven-member business delegation called on Haryana Chief...

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Govt to charge fees to issue environmental clearance

By : Sustainability ..., May 8, 2014

NAGPUR: Taking a cue from Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, the state government has decided to charge companies applying for environmental clearance. The minimum fee is Rs 1 lakh, and maximum Rs15 lakh, with the cost of the project determining the exact fee.

While the...

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New firm to treat biomedical waste

By : Sustainability ..., May 7, 2014

The Pune bench of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) headed by justices V R Kingaonkar and Ajay Deshpande on Monday directed the civic body to float fresh tenders for appointing a firm for treating biomedical waste in the city. In the process, the NGT cancelled the temporary...

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Indian solar equipment manufacturing industry demands 35% anti-dumping duty on solar cell imports

By : Sustainability ..., May 2, 2014

 Demanding an anti-dumping duty to the tune of 30 to 35% on import of solar cells, the Indian solar equipment manufacturing industry said that they have suffered a loss of Rs 1,000 crore due to below market priced import of photovoltaic cells.

"The thin-film and...

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Uttarakhand report: Time to rethink our development models

By : Sustainability ..., May 1, 2014

The June 2013 disaster in Uttarakhand had taken many — including the state administration — by surprise. But it should not have been so because it was a tragedy waiting to happen. The immediate reason may have been a natural cause — the state was hit by its heaviest rainfall...

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NTPC commissions 50 MW Rajgarh solar project

By : Sustainability ..., May 1, 2014

 NTPC Ltd today announced the commencement of commercial operation of 20 MW photo voltaic power unit at Rajgarh in Madhya Pradesh today raising its capacity to 50 MW.

With the commissioning of the full capacity of the Rajgarh solar power station, the total capacity of...

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HERC asks industry to submit recommendations for energy policy

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 30, 2014

 The Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (HERC) today asked the industry to submit a set of recommendations for drafting renewable energy policy in the state. 

HERC Chairman R N Prasher asked industry including hotels, hospitals, government buildings etc to co-...

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