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Sustainable Materials in the Construction Industry: A $5.5 Billion Market Waiting to be Explored

By : sustainabilityo..., Jan 15, 2015

The Indian construction industry is expecting to see a growth of 6.6% annually, with reports indicating that 70% of India’s buildings are yet to be built.  Construction and related manufacturing activities have typically contributed to about 25% of the nation’s carbon...

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Beyond Compliance: Resource Sustainability in Indian Businesses - Today and Tomorrow

By : sustainabilityo..., Oct 20, 2014

Globally resource sustainability is increasingly gaining prominence as a cornerstone of boardroom conversations. Businesses have realized that sustainability is a business imperative- for ensuring long term sustenance of their operations. Hence, the key objectives of the...

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Waste into Value: Overcoming challenges in mainstreaming “sustainable products”

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 6, 2014

India generates 6,137 tonnes of uncollected and littered plastic waste each day. Further 40% of that plastic waste is not recycled becoming a source of continued pollution as plastic is not bio-degradable. In order to tackle the issue, stakeholders are re-imagining products...

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Online Marketplaces and Precious Metals Present New Opportunities for E-waste Recyclers

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 29, 2014

  Getting access to a reliable, viable waste-stream of electronic products remains a challenge for the formal waste recycling sector.  Consumer e-Waste collections has been too cost prohibitive to formally set up in India. Some recyclers have attempted to re-invest corporate...

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Bringing Big Data to Sustainable Mobility

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 28, 2014

 The car-sharing market is rapidly growing in emerging markets and will continue to as consumer awareness increases. While uptake in India has been slow, a number of unique digital technology companies are creating data solutions to enable transport sharing.

In 2012...

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The Age of Ubiquitous Computing: Smart Grids to Smart Cars

By : Sustainability ..., May 12, 2014

Guest contributor Tavleen Mehendiratta, entrepreneur & avid technology evangelist for electric vehicles, explains the rise of an electric 'internet of things' that will transform energy delivery and transport mechanisms in India. 

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Shaping the secret sauce: Has Mahindra (finally) cracked the EV market in India?

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 22, 2014

Mahindra’s recent slash on the purchase price of its electric car (E2O) to Rs. 4.99 lakhs and the increasing inflation in the cost of vehicle fuel relative to the cost per kWh for electricity, has positively altered the price attractiveness of the Electric Vehicles. 


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SolarMills to be deployed for industrial use in India

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 2, 2014

ACC is due to roll out 3MW of solar power to supplement energy supply across 12 of its plants. This follows a successful pilot of solar mills conducted by WindStream Technologies.

According to a press release by WindStream Technologies, ACC tested the solar mills at...

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The shifting sands of rural marketing: 5 lessons in selling rural energy products

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 17, 2014

In India, a range of Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) technologies have arisen to test whether clean energy can displace ‘energy staples’ for rural Indians such diesel or kerosene. These DRE devices include clean-cookstoves, solar lighting through lanterns and home systems...

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Reflections of sustainability entrepreneurs on outlook of green products

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 10, 2014

While eating street-food, Vaibhav Jaiswal and Amardeep Bardhan, two MBA students were struck by a simple and powerful idea:  the possibility of re-engineering agricultural wastes to substitute plastics, thermocol, and disposable synthetic chemicals for use in manufacturing...

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