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China's Great Wall revs up for India as rivals hit the brakes

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 20, 2019

Chinese automakers Great Wall Motor and Changan Automobile are accelerating plans to build cars in India after the initial success of rival SAIC Motor in one of the world’s biggest markets, three sources said. Great Wall, one of the biggest sellers of sports-utility vehicles...

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Can a Hungry World Say No to GM Crops and Still Have Food Security?

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 6, 2014

Rice provides up to 80 percent of food calories for poor societies, but lacks micronutrients such as Vitamin A. Worldwide, every year, hundreds of thousands of children die due to a lack of Vitamin A and multiples thereof become permanently blind.

In the late ’90s,...

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No to GM crops

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 22, 2013
With the National Food Security Bill generating much debate and even sections within the government questioning the viability of the scheme it envisages, a line of thought has emerged in favour of introducing genetically modified (GM) foods and crops in order to meet the...
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GM workers fudged Tavera test engines to meet emission norms

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 29, 2013

General Motors India, the Indian arm of the Detroit-headquartered automaker, has admitted to the government that an internal probe had revealed the company violated testing norms and its employees re-fitted already approved engines in new Tavera models sent for inspection in...

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India’s tryst with GM Crop: The might of agri science

By : sustainabilityo..., Jul 8, 2010

One hears a constant din about food and nutritional security in India, a multi-dimensional development challenge for a developing country like India. And, solutions have never been easy.

One thing is for certain that increasing sustainable food production must be...

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