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Varanasi 2.0 – Narendra Modi ropes in Google

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 11, 2014

The reason Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s promise of a clean Varanasi by 2019 brought a smile to many faces is because Varanasi is, in at least some very important ways, representative of India. In being a city ancient by age, it represents India’s hallowed history. In being...

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Google to enter energy market with utility tools - report

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 13, 2014

According to Bloomberg, Google is planning to further delve into the USD 363.7 billion US power-sales market by working to develop tools that help utilities deliver electricity to homes and businesses in a more efficient way, people with knowledge of the...

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Google pips Facebook to acquire solar-powered drone maker Titan Aerospace

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 15, 2014

 Looks like Facebook’s plans to get Internet-delivering drones on board has come up against a slight obstacle: Google.

Google has beaten the world’s largest social network to purchase solar-powered drone maker Titan Aerospace as the search giant ramps up plans to...

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Global non-energy companies out to harness solar power

By : Sustainability ..., Oct 22, 2013

What do Google, Walmart and Apple have in common? Apart from the fact that they are deep-pocketed American companies, they also happen to be solar investors. Recently, Google announced it would spend $103 million (Rs 630 crore) to buy a chunk of a solar farm in California....

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What is Google Green?

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 18, 2012

The world has come to a point today where we can perhaps imagine a planet without greenery but cannot imagine the Internet without Google. The search engine giant, however, hasn’t forgotten its responsibility towards nature and has hence chalked out a plan called...

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Google shows off solar thermal breakthrough

By : sustainabilityo..., Mar 9, 2010

Bangalore: After the search giant revealed that it has developed a new mirror technology that could slash the cost of building a solar thermal plant, Google's plan to develop renewable energy that is cheaper than coal could soon bear fruit, reports Rachel Fielding,...

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