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The Dark Side of Green Lighting

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 18, 2014
In 2009, the Government of India found that the penetration of CFLs for household lighting was only about 5-10%, while over 70% of the remaining lights were incandescent bulbs1. In a bid to reduce electricity consumption in lighting, the government launched the...
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EU cites J-K floods to root for strong climate agreement

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 15, 2014

 Sounding alarm bells over Jammu and Kashmir floods and other environmental disasters, European Union Friday said governments should work "seriously" towards a meaningful and "strong" climate agreement in Paris next year to keep the goal of limiting global temperature...

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Brace for more extreme weather events in Himalayas, warn experts

By : Sustainability ..., Sep 9, 2014

Floods in Jammu and Kashmir that claimed scores of lives and caused widespread damage may not be a one off event. Such extreme events in the Himalayan region are bound to increase because of global warming, warn experts.
"The whole Himalayan range is vulnerable because...

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'Polluting industrial sites putting Delhites at health risk'

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 13, 2014

Polluting industrial sites dot the entire city and are putting Delhites at a huge health risk, said a study report Tuesday. 

Eighteen sites have been identified as potential 'hotspots' in Delhi that are regularly contaminating the city's environment by releasing toxic...

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THE OTHER ILLITERACY - The Indian road to unsustainability

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 13, 2014

In her recent book, Green Wars, the environmental journalist Bahar Dutt, writes: “The editor of a leading media house, everytime I pitched a green story, would invariably complain: ‘Environmentalism is stalling growth; all I am interested in is double-digit growth for this...

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World Bank to fund ecologically safe power projects

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 11, 2014

A World Bank economist has said that the lender will fund only those hydropower projects where safeguards are in place to prevent any adverse impact on the environment.

"We are prepared to support only those good hydro-power projects in India which make economic sense...

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India plans safety protocol for dam water discharge

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 5, 2014

With hydropower dam disasters repeatedly posing a threat to lives, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government is working on an action plan to implement safeguards that will protect riverbanks and project areas from emergencies. This comes in the backdrop of disasters...

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Delhi experiments with water ATMs, reignites debate

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 5, 2014

A nondescript colony in north-west Delhi is quietly experimenting with privatised water supply while the jury is still out on privatisation of essential services.  

Savda Ghevra, which started off as a resettlement colony to take the ugliness of jhuggi-jhopri (JJ)...

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To Clean Up Delhi's Water Supply, This 16-Year-Old Has an Idea

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 4, 2014
After reading certain reports by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi stating that 70 per cent of the water supplied in Delhi is unfit for drinking, 16-year-old Prakriti Singh decided to be the 'water ambassador' of the city and solve the problem her own way.
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Value Labs installs 13 MW of solar power

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 18, 2014

In perhaps the first venture of its kind in the Indian domestic IT sector, Value Labs has installed and commissioned 13 MW of solar power to emerge self-reliant in its power demands.The Hyderabad-based, IT product development, services and consulting company has invested...

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