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Delhi Metro Station Gets Solar Power Plant

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 12, 2014

In a first-of-its-kind initiative in the country, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) today launched the operation of a solar power plant at its Dwarka Sector-21 Metro station.

The plant was inaugurated by Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu at the Metro Bhawan...

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Installation of Solar Power Plants

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 21, 2014

 Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is encouraging all Government owned companies including coal and oil producing companies to install solar power plants. This was stated by Sh. Piyush Goyal, Minister of state for Power, Coal & New and Renewable Energy (Independent...

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Chronic under-utilization in Indian PV manufacturing, study finds

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 18, 2014

 India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has released figures that show only 297 MW of the country’s 1.38 GW solar cell production capacity is currently under operation. The situation is only slightly better for the solar module sector.

India’s domestic solar cell...

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India Targets 35% Renewable Energy Share In Installed Capacity Mix By 2050

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 17, 2014

2040-50 may finally be the decade when the installed renewable energy capacity in India would overtake the coal-based installed capacity, if the ambitious Integrated Plan for Desert Power Development is fully realized.

Under the Desert Power India – 2050 plan, a...

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India to continue rooftop PV subsidy despite budget cuts

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 7, 2014

 India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has said it is to continue to subsidise rooftop solar.

The announcement on 26 June is one of the first moves regarding solar energy by the newly elected government of India.

MNRE said it would continue its...

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Solar industry wants government to scrap ‘only-on-paper’ subsidies

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 18, 2014

 It may sound strange that an industry is asking for scrapping the subsidies the government provides, but the solar industry indeed has such a plea.

Experts from the industry reiterated this demand on Saturday at Renergy 2014, a conference-cum-exhibition of the...

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Renewable energy jobs hit 6.5 million in 2013 – report

By : Sustainability ..., May 19, 2014

Renewable energy provided 6.5 million jobs globally in 2013, reflecting the industry’s increasing contribution to the global economy.

This is the finding of the latest report on the renewable energy industry from the...

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'Renewable energy could address India's energy needs'

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 29, 2014

 New Delhi: Harnessing of renewable energy like wind, solar and biomass could address India's energy needs, a senior Indian official averred here Monday. 

Speaking at a National Conference on "Nano Technology and Renewable Energy", organised by Jamia Millia Islamia, Dr...

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India's Renewable Energy Efforts Poised for Resurgence

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 24, 2014

 National elections are underway and dominating headlines and conversations across India. In parallel, the timely release of the second new consensus report from the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) documenting the impacts of climate change, has...

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Renewable power development with incentives

By : Sustainability ..., Apr 22, 2014

 THE government's target for generation of 5% of our total electricity from renewable sources within 2015 is indeed a challenge. Approximately 500 MW electricity generation target within 2015 has been proposed. As planned, approximately 340 MW power from solar parks, solar...

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