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The Dark Side of Green Lighting

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 18, 2014
In 2009, the Government of India found that the penetration of CFLs for household lighting was only about 5-10%, while over 70% of the remaining lights were incandescent bulbs1. In a bid to reduce electricity consumption in lighting, the government launched the...
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Pan Global, Corp. Comments on Industry Report That the India Renewable Energy Market Opportunity Is Worth USD $10.5 Billion by 2017

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 13, 2014

Pan Global, Corp. (OTCQB: PGLO) (the "Company") today discusses a recent industry article featured in The Business Standad, India's leading business daily, about the current and potential renewable energy market in India.

The Business Standard June 5, 2014 article...

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North Eaastrn Council Tests New Base Station Energy Management Systems in India

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 11, 2014

NEC and Pixela Corporation will begin testing the use of two innovative new energy management systems to cut base station power needs.

A renewable photovoltaic (PV) energy and lithium-ion rechargeable battery system will be installed at 20 sites. At a further 52 sites...

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Deep emissions cuts needed by 2050 to limit warming - U.N. draft

By : Sustainability ..., Aug 8, 2014

Deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions of 40 to 70 percent by mid-century will be needed to avert the worst of global warming that is already harming all continents, a draft U.N. report showed.

The 26-page draft, obtained by Reuters on Thursday, sums up three U.N....

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India supports Dearman Engine

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 24, 2014

 Support for the Dearman Engine liquid air technology as a solution to the challenges of postharvest food losses and air pollution gained prominence recently, following events in both the UK and India.


This began with a call for urgent attention to cold chain...

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Can waterless dyeing clean up the clothing industry?

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 22, 2014

Each year, one global industry gulps down trillions of liters of fresh water, together with massive amounts of chemicals. The wastewater from that industry is then dumped, often untreated, into rivers that bring its toxic content to the sea, where it spreads around the globe...

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Installation of Solar Power Plants

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 21, 2014

 Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is encouraging all Government owned companies including coal and oil producing companies to install solar power plants. This was stated by Sh. Piyush Goyal, Minister of state for Power, Coal & New and Renewable Energy (Independent...

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'Off' online devices consumed $80 billion worth electricity: International Energy Agency

By : Sustainability ..., Jul 4, 2014

 The new 'off' is actually 'on' and online electronic devices are guzzling $80 billion worth of electricity every year even when not in use. There are 14 billion such network enabled devices like modems, set-top boxes, printers, games consoles, charging phones or PCs and...

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2 Indians quit high-paying jobs in the US to tackle India’s mounting garbage crisis

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 30, 2014

 “Our mission is to identify and nurture progressive recyclers within the informal sector, improving their quality of life through technology solutions that give them ample opportunities to maximize their growth and earning potential,” says Mani Vajipey, Co-founder & CEO...

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State rolls out ambitious plans to tap solar energy

By : Sustainability ..., Jun 27, 2014

 The Andhra Pradesh State government has announced its intentions to harness solar energy for overcoming the acute power shortages staring it post bifurcation.

The government is contemplating setting up solar grids of photo-voltaic cells in barren lands spanning over 2...

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