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P&G Saves Almost $2 Billion in Waste, Energy CostsBy: Jessica Lyons Hardcastle

By : sustainabilityo..., Dec 16, 2015

Procter & Gamble has saved almost $2 billion through waste and energy savings since 2007, according to P&G vice president of sustainability Len Sauers, who announced the cost savings as...

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Scientists create cheaper, high performing LED

By : sustainabilityo..., Nov 19, 2015

Researchers at Florida State University have developed a new type of light-emitting diode, or LED that could lead to cheaper, brighter and mass produced lights and displays in the future.

Energy-saving LED lighting is already sold in stores, but widespread adoption has...

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“100 GW solar energy may be achieved in 2019 itself”

By : Sustainability ..., Mar 4, 2015
Sustainability Outlook spoke to Vineet Mittal, Vice Chairman, Welspun Energy Pvt. Limited on the future of renewable energy and challenges being faced by the sector in India today. 

Do you think that Government’s mission of 100 GW...

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Oil Plunge: Eroding or Accelerating the Sustainable Economy?

By : Sustainability ..., Jan 9, 2015
Crude oil prices have been falling precipitously all through the latter half of 2014, and every time they hit a new low, they have been making headlines. This has been the single greatest energy story since 2010 and the slump doesn’t seem to be abiding...
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Zero Liquid Discharge: Treating Effluents as a Resource Stream might be the Way Forward

By : Sustainability ..., Dec 11, 2014
Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a series of processes (like membrane filtration, reverse osmosis, evaporation and crystallization) that extract pure water from industrial effluents, leaving behind sludge, dissolved solids, suspended particles and salt...
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India: low carbon energy transition could free up US$600 billion in investment capacity

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 25, 2014

New analysis by Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) demonstrates that, with the right policies, India’s transition to a low carbon energy system could free up significant financial capacity over the next 20 years to invest in better development and economic growth.

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Proactive Government Policy Can Double Wind Energy Market Instantly: Gamesa

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 24, 2014

Spanish energy major Gamesa has pointed out that a proactive government policy on Wind energy could instantly double the market for Wind energy generation, from 2500 MW to 5000 MW, in the country.
The market leader in wind turbine manufacturing in the country is...

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Seeing red about going green

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 19, 2014

When the idea of “green” architecture was introduced some years ago, the construction industry viewed it with resentment and scorn. But with public appreciation growing for environmental concerns, builders and architects have been quick to post their structures as environment...

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False promise of nuclear power

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 19, 2014

The need for costly upgrades post-Fukushima and for making the nuclear industry competitive, including by cutting back on generous government subsidies, underscore nuclear power’s dimming future. New developments highlight the growing travails of the global nuclear-power...

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Modi proposes global centre for clean energy research

By : Sustainability ..., Nov 17, 2014

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday proposed to G20 nations that a global virtual centre be set up for clean energy research and development.
He also pushed for rapid expansion of renewable energy in rural areas.
In his statement, Mr. Modi said...

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